internship at vertical

The Christian faith is a missionary faith. Our existence as a church in the 21st century is built upon the centuries of people and churches who obeyed God’s call to “Go!” We believe that Church Planting is God’s plan to bring the Great Commission to fruition. In order to see this become reality reproduction is key - we must reproduce disciples, leaders, pastors and church planters. The following is Vertical Church’s plan to do it.

What is a Vertical Internship?

Vertical Internship is a selective process where a Vertical Church Leader or Pastor recognizes something special in a person. We recognize that it is the Lord that calls people - we also recognize that it is the responsibility of spiritual people to call out and speak into the lives of those they recognize a potential calling on their lives.

Internship is a 3 to 12 month process where calling is explored and is broken into 2 types: Summer/Semester Intern (3 - 6 month) and Apprentice Intern (12 month). Where summer interns may be exploring their calling by getting a 3 month, full-immersion into the life of a church plant / church, an Apprentice intern is taking the bold step of intensive training and weekly application of a Pastor and potential Church Planter. While occasional scholarships and fundings are available, both internships are self-funded.

Interns are challenged in their growth, knowledge, personal obedience and application. Interns are given full staff responsibility - a leader of leaders. Interns learn many aspects of the inner workings of the church but have an area that they specialize in such as: Associate Pastor, Student Ministry, Worship Ministry, Kidz Min or Production. Interns are guided through a Discipleship / Leadership process for the allotted time period.

what does it consist of?

Summer Interns will:

  • Participate in a weekly intern group study (leadership oriented)

  • Participate in weekly staff meeting

  • Lead leaders in their respective areas

  • Lead a Discipleship / Mentorship relationship

  • Have weekly office responsibilities

  • Read 2 to 3 books

  • Serve Sunday mornings and evenings in various Sunday roles at Vertical

Apprentice Interns will participate in everything listed

above (summer interns) plus:

  • Complete Strength-Finders Survey and operating in your strengths conversation.

  • Have personal 1-on-1 Discipleship / Leadership with a Pastor

  • Lead a Discipleship / Leadership / Mentorship relationship

  • Lead a vGroup (if possible)

  • Read additional books as assigned by their Pastor/Mentor throughout year.

  • Participate in guided study in their area of interest

  • Attend various meetings, trainings or conferences in the area of church planting (funded by the church or network)

Our goal is to give practical, weekly application and prepare called people for vocational ministry both inside and outside of Vertical Church. Our goal is that future Church Planters, Location Pastors, Pastors and staff members would be cultivated from Vertical Internships.