In-Person GAtherings


Sunday gatherings are happening at home and across all 3 VC Locations. We are currently offering in-person gatherings every Sunday in addition to continuing our weekly online services. 

Here are a few things you need to know about our in-person gatherings, you'll notice some changes designed to help everyone stay safe. 

1. We are following NCDHHS and CDC guidelines – we are encouraging you to wear a mask, and practice your air high fives! As of now we are not offering any of our cafe environment elements.  

2. Social distancing is encouraged. 

3. Sunday mornings are a family gathering. We’re encouraging households to stay together while at church to limit the potential spread of coronavirus. Our vKidz programming will not be gathering until further notice.

4. If Vertical at Home has been a win for your family during the pandemic, we hope you’ll keep tuning in! The gathering is streamed at 11:15am, from our Lumberton Location each Sunday and then available on demand for the rest of the day.  

what steps have we taken to prevent

the spread of coronavirus

We’ve scaled back the number of open spaces to limit the potential spread of coronavirus. We also disinfect the auditorium before and after every gathering. 

We use EPA-recommended solutions to disinfect against the coronavirus. We chemically fog the auditorium between Sunday gatherings and wipe down frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.

  • FUZE

    FUZE Lumberton has begun meeting again in person on Sundays at 5:30p. If you choose to attend in person, be sure to wear your mask. We’ll follow the same safety protocol as our morning gatherings. 

    Our Bladen and Pembroke locations are in the process of starting back in person gatherings as well. We'll announce that soon!

  • vkidz

    We know our parents and kids are missing vKidz! We are working out some important changes before starting back. Below are a few details we are preparing:

    • All kids 3+ will be required to wear a mask.
    • Temperatures will be taken at check-in.
    • Each room will have limited capacity.
    • Volunteers will wear masks.
    • All surfaces and toys will be disinfected between services.
    • We won’t be able to provide snacks during vKidz, so be sure to snack before you come. 

    To allow for social distancing, room capacity will have to be limited. We will look at only providing vKidz at our 11:15a hour to begin with and gradually make a move back to two.  

    Not quite ready to bring the kids? You can still connect online so kids don’t miss out on hearing about Jesus on their level.

  • how can you help during this unprecedented time?

    • If you know someone who is fighting COVID-19 or who works in healthcare, education, or law enforcement, let them know you care. Deliver a personalized care package designed with your friend, loved one, or coworker in mind. 
    • All 3 of our locations are serving their communities throughout the week. Contact a location pastor to find out how you can show visible love to people in your community.